We are a partner of European Horse Service (EHS) to transport horses to your home. We have worked closely with EHS for many years to import & export horses from the E.U. Countries to different countries in Europe, America, Asia, etc. Therefore, it is easy for us to help you in this regard.

About EHS

The history of European Horse Services begins with the ambition of one man, Filip Vande Cappelle. After working many years as a leading figure in the transportation industry, he wanted to widen his horizon by combining his years of experience in transport with his childhood love for horses. That is how in 1991 European Horse Services came to be. Even though initially EHS was working from small-scale basis, it has nowadays grown into a specialized logistics company. With a team of experts who have been loyal to the same principles and values that can be traced back to EHS’ foundations, we are able to say: “Shipping is not only our business, it is our passion”

They can inform you about the following topics:

  1. (International) road transport
  2. Air transport (air stalls, grooms, charters)
Sell horses worldwide


Export and Import Horses - European Horse Service
Transport Horses

1. Quarantine:

European Horse Services is a full service shipping company that can transport your horses to all the continents around the world.

When importing or exporting horses specific blood tests, vaccinations and possibly quarantine are required and need to be arranged. EHS is specialized in taking care of all these requirements for you.

Not all the countries require pre-export and/or post-import quarantine, but for those destinations where this would be required, they at European Horse Services offer their own quarantine stables at your disposal.

2. Blood testing and vaccinations:

European Horse Services can arrange all the necessary blood testing for the horses that are going to leave the European Union. They can organize it at their own stables (for the horses in quarantine) or at their client’s facilities. You can also arrange this yourself, directly in your own stable and under the supervision of your own veterinarian.

To ensure that the vaccination protocol of the importing country is well followed they work closely together with their own specialized equine veterinarian. He visits their stables daily to do the necessary check-ups and thus they can guarantee that your horse is in great health right before he hits the road.

They also work together with Böse Laboratory in Harsum, Germany, to guarantee a quick and precise blood testing of your horse.

3. Required Documents:

Health Certificate

We always organize the health certificate(s) for your horse in a swift and precise manner. The original documents travel with the horse in our personalised document bag.

Customs Documents

Our staff is experienced in arranging and processing the customs documents. Thanks to the close supervision of the customs agents, these documents are prepared with great attention to detail. The customs documents also travel with the horses in the document bag to guarantee a quick clearance of the horses.


Your horse needs a passport for his import or export journey, so please make sure that this document accompanies him at all times

If you would like more information about the service, simply fill in the form and EHS will get back to you as soon as possible

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