Find a horse

Find a horse

On this website, you can directly contact horse breeders and sellers to buy your dream horse. However, there is a possibility that the horse you are looking for is not here right now. Therefore, due to years of experience and proper communication with breeders and sellers, it is possible for us to find the horse you want.

Do you charge us for this service?

  1. To perform these services, it is necessary to pay 500 euros (excl. VAT) after signing the contract with us and it is non-refundable. This amount includes finding, checking, corresponding with the seller, and arranging for the horse to be transported. Keep in mind that the cost of checking the horse’s health is not included in this cost, and this matter is subject to the agreement between the buyer and the seller.
  2. The value of the horse must be deposited directly into the seller’s account and is not related to the amount received for the services provided by us.
  3. The validity of providing these services is two months or the introduction of 5 horses, Whichever comes first, after signing the contract according to the conditions of the applicant based on the actual criteria of that breed. Before the start of the contract, the necessary consultations regarding the real character of each breed will be given to the buyer, and requests that do not match the character of a breed will not be processed.
  4. If you wish to use the aforementioned services, fill out the form below and inform us of your request. Completing this form is only to start the initial steps and will not have any obligation to pay the mentioned fee.


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