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  1. You can select these options for each month, per quarter, or yearly. 
  2. Selecting a sponsorship for every three months includes a 5% discount and yearly sponsorship includes a 10% discount. 
  3. After signing the contract and starting the advertisement, it cannot be canceled.

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Upgrade Packages

Horse Seller Packages

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1st package

9€ 15
  • Validity: 30 Days
  • Ads: 30
  • Featured Ads: 15
  • Bump-up Ads: 5
  • No Of Images : 5
  • Allow Bidding : 1
  • Video URL : No
  • Allow Tags : No
  • Categories : All
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2nd package

17€ 30
  • Validity: 60 Days
  • Ads: 50
  • Featured Ads: 25
  • Bump-up Ads: 10
  • No Of Images : 10
  • Allow Bidding : 10
  • Video URL : Yes
  • Allow Tags : Yes
  • Categories : All
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3rd package

24€ 45
  • Validity: 90 Days
  • Ads: 80
  • Featured Ads: 40
  • Bump-up Ads: 30
  • No Of Images : 40
  • Allow Bidding : 10
  • Video URL : Yes
  • Allow Tags : Yes
  • Categories : All
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What our customers say

A useful and functional website that connects buyers to sellers directly and buyers can easily get what they want.

Graphic Designer

I bought a Friesian Stallion through this website from the Netherlands and helped us to import.

Business Manager

I could find my beautiful mare on this website and it is exactly what I was looking for.


For a long time I was looking for a place where I could buy a horse directly and without intermediaries. I am really happy with this website and this team.

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Your horse advertisements are displayed worldwide