Ads Guideline

Ads Guideline

Here, we will answer the most important questions for this website's users

1- How to submit your ad?

To submit your ad, at first, you need to register on the website. For registration, you need to use the register page which you can find the link on the top of the first page. | Buy & Sell your horse internationally


Then you need to log in to your account and click on “AD SUBMIT” to submit your ad. Depending on what you want to offer, you can select different categories and sub-categories to submit your ads.


1-1 How to add your “LOCATION”?

Ad owners need to add horse locations. The ad owners must search for the location in the last part of the ad submission to add the location. 

If you look at the below picture, the number 1 is for adding an address, and in the 2nd number, the ad owners can search for the exact location to add. | Buy & Sell horses internationally

2- How to reply to received messages?

It is possible that the ad owners received messages from interested people. To reply to received messages, you should go to the account profile/dashboard, on the left side of your account profile, select “My Messages” and then reply to received messages. Another way to access your messages is by clicking on your AVATAR and selecting messages when you are logged in. | Buy & Sell horses internationally
Reply to received messages

3- How ad owners can make a “Featured ad” or use a “Bump up”?? 

The ad owners have to follow this pad: Login >> Profile/Dashboard >> Manage ads >> My ads. When they open “My ads” page, they can see their ads and can change them to a “Featured ad” or use “Bump up”. Remember that these options are activated for special packages which is selected by users.

Featured Ad

4- how to confirm an ad is sold, expired, delete, or edit the post?

by clicking on the 3 dots on the right side of each ad, you can see different options to confirm whether your ad is sold, expired, active, or try to edit either delete it.

Confirm an ad is sold

5- How users can contact the ad owner?

People can contact the ad owner in different ways. The first 3 ways are for those who are already logged in. The last one does not need to be logged in:

  1. If you already logged in, you can click on “Click to view” in front of “Phone”, to see the ad owner’s phone number to call them.
  2. By clicking on “WhatsApp”, and if you have WhatsApp on your mobile phone or your desktop PC, it will open WhatsApp to send messages to the ad owners.
  3. Users can send messages to the ad owners by “Send Messages” field and then clicking on “Submit”. The ad owner will receive messages on their account mailbox on this website (check 2nd question).
  4. Users can send email by the last contacting option by filling in the requested fields and then clicking on send message. Then, the ad owner will receive an email that can reply to that.
How contact the ad owner | Buy & Sell horses internationally
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