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  • is a worldwide online platform that gives a space for service providers such as horse sellers or horse breeders to share info about their horses or horse products. Moreover, horse trainers, riders, or equine photographers can introduce themselves on this platform.

  • They can use online Ads to post what they would like to share. Users can submit their Ads by using "AD SUBMIT", for example, to sell/buy horses, or horse products which are used by horses.

  • If users sell "horses", they need to share accurate info such as chip number, register number, location, level of training, etc. For horse products, trainers, riders or equine photographers also accurate info must be provided. For those who want to buy horses, they can also share what they are looking for.

  • No. does not get any commissions on deals. Clients can contact sellers directly to buy what they want. We are not responsible for any issue regarding these deals. We also have a special service to find a horse as clients request then it has different rules.

  • On users can use different options for advertising. They can select free advertising which is for one time, or use special packages to have more options that they can find on the packages page on the website.

  • Depending on the packages they select, for example, free or special packages, they can share pictures and videos. For free advertising, users can only upload videos on the website then we will share it on our YouTube channel by giving a link to the related advertisement.

  • Videos will use big amount of capacities of server, therefore, the speed of the website will become slow. As a result, we need to share videos on our YouTube channel to give a better service to users. This videos on YouTube will be linked to related Ad.

  • Each Ad has an exclusive ID number which we use to find a specific advertisement. Users can also share that number with other people to have more information.

  • When an Ad has been submitted, users can go into the Ad. In the Ad, on the top left side, they can find the ID number of the Ad that consists of numbers.

  • At this moment, only use PayPal and wire/bank transfers. Later, other payment methods will be added.

  • There are different options; sending emails, messages, or using telephone numbers. The last two options are only available for registered users and can be used inside the website (check Ads Guidline page).

  • When someone sends a message through the website to the ad owner, the ad owner will receive an email. To reply to that message, they need to log in to their account, then they should go to their account profile. On the profile page, on the left side, the ad owner can see "My Messages" which can reply to the received messages. Login >> Profile/Dashboard/My Messages >> Received offers (check Ads Guidline page).

  • The ad owners have to follow this pad: Login >> Profile/Dashboard >> Manage ads >> My ads. When they open "My ads" page, they can see their ads and can change them to a "Featured ad" or use "Bump up". Remember that these options are activated for special packages which is selected by users (check Ads Guidline page).

  • cannot give a guarantee about info that is shared by the Ad owners. Users need to follow safety tips to make sure the deal is safe.

  • has an Exclusive contract with a horse transportation company that will help buyers to import horses from the E.U. if their countries accept it. With more than twelve years of experience, we can help buyers to transport their horses from the E.U. to their countries. We are also busy finding more transportation companies outside of the E.U. in different countries to make this way easier for buyers.